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Should the business stay in the family?

This is a question that most business founders must face at some point in their lives. Family business planning is the process of selecting and preparing the right person to lead the family firm into the future. The average life of a family-owned business is about 24 years, usually ending when the owner/founder retires or passes away. It is reported that approximately 30 percent of family-owned businesses survive the succession from the first generation to the second and only ten percent to the third generation. By 2019, the number of family-owned businesses that will transfer from the first generation to the second will be the largest the world has ever seen.

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Whatever you are…Be a good one.

~Abraham Lincoln

The future of your company is NOW!

You have a great management team. They are well trained and provide great leadership to their direct reports. They make great decisions. They are passionate about what they do and there is very little coaching needed to help them reach the company goals. But wait…How many of them will be retiring or leaving your company in the next five years? Have you done any future planning?

Most companies have invested time and resources to develop the leadership team. It probably took years to find just the right mix of diverse thinking, skills, communication styles, and talents. It is an art to find just the right mix. But how long will it last?

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Who Cares About Employee Engagement?

All the time, we see themes become popular in management. They seem like fads…something that will gain hype and eventually die down again. And by the time you implement a process, your employees have already found something else that’s more important.

But one of those themes never went away: Employee Engagement. Whether you call it engagement or another term like accountability, ownership, empowerment, or commitment, it all revolves around creating an environment where employees act interdependently to drive your organization’s success. So, if you thought this was another fad, take out your notepad and write this down…It’s NOT.

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Whose business is customer service?

“Customer service is not a department. It’s an attitude” – Unknown

We have all had it happen. You have a lot on your plate and so many things to get done. It seems like everything is an emergency. Then you get an email from someone outside of your department asking (what seems to you) a question that only requires common sense. You shoot back a short, witty response and go about your day. Everything is fine…until the person receives your message.

What was common sense to you was actually new information to the person who asked you the question. What you didn’t know was that this person was new to his department, and had not been trained on the task. This person is now frustrated. He was reaching out for help and received a sarcastic, snarky response instead. And the jargon you used only confused him more. This person now knows that every interaction with you is going to be a moment of misery and no longer wants to work with you. He not only has this impression of you, but everyone in your department. Not such a good first impression.

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You’re out of luck… Or are you?

“Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” – Oprah Winfrey

Have you ever known one of those people that’s just lucky? No matter what they do, luck follows them. Things always work out; when they find themselves in a bind, something magically happens to fix it. Then you sulk to yourself and think… Why can’t I be that lucky?

Have you ever considered, though, that there could be more to luck than meets the eye? A 1998 study once found that people “who take advantage of happenstance have competence, self-confidence, and the ability to take risks.” And Richard Wiseman, the author of The Luck Factor, says that really, it’s not about luck at all. It’s the individual who makes his own good fortune or bad fortune. So technically, doesn’t that mean that YOU can determine your own luck?

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10 Ways to Become a Horrible Communicator

Are things just going too smoothly? Does everyone seem to be in harmony and all on the same page? Here are a few ways to really rock the boat and make everyone hate communicating with you. Then you don’t have to be a communicator at all!

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