10 Ways to Give Awful Feedback

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A crucial part of every manager’s job is giving feedback. Positive feedback when employees are meeting expectations, and constructive feedback when they have things to work on. But let’s face it, giving feedback isn’t easy, and when the feedback isn’t so great, it can be pretty uncomfortable too. So here’s a thought…why not give crappy feedback? Then, no one will want to hear from you, and your superiors won’t expect you to continue doing it… Winning! But, you can’t just become crappy at it overnight. It takes practice and discipline to prove just how terrible you can be! Here are a few tips to help you out…

1. Avoid showing ANY enthusiasm.

After all, this is just a job. It’s not supposed to be fun. Don’t take the time to encourage people or make their jobs any easier.

2. Point out faults of others.

Even your peers. Only by criticizing others can you make sure everyone knows you give bad feedback.

3. Never call anyone by name.

That’s way too personal. A simple “hey you” will do.

4. Remember that body language is everything!

Arms crossed, frowning, and heavy sighing are all great ways to keep employees away and questions to a minimum.

5. Keep it limited.

Performance evaluations happen once a year. Keep all your feedback until then. Then you can tell them where they messed up ten months ago.

6. Stay in your office.

With the door closed. At all times. And look busy, even when you’re not.

7. Keep your responses short.

If someone asks you for feedback, use one-word responses like “fine, okay, or meh…”

8. Never EVER acknowledge effort.

People get paid to do their jobs, so don’t waste your time giving kudos when they’re only doing what is expected of them.

9. Use HR as your scapegoat.

If an employee does something incorrectly, skip the small talk. Send them straight to the HR department for a write-up!

10. And if you’re ever put on the spot…

Make up an excuse to run away quickly.

Undoubtedly you can probably think of more ways to get out of doing your job. But we guarantee that if you follow these simple rules, no one should never ask you for feedback again!

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