10 Ways to Reduce Trust

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Trust is overrated – we all know it. When we go to work, we’re there to work, not make friends. Who wants to sit around and sing Kumbuya? Who wants things to be all hunky dory? Your job is to make sure things get done – that’s it. So, here are ten ways to show your team that trust doesn’t mean anything to you.

reduce trust

“Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest.”
– Seth Godin


  1. Hover over your team to see what they’re working on. Or not working on. We all know they are goofing off when you’re not around, so it’s better to stay close. And you know what? Go ahead and buy a chair too, that way you can sit with them at their desks. It’ll be much more comfortable.
  2. Schedule meetings at 8 am, so you can be sure they’re getting to work on time. And what the heck? Schedule one at 4:30 pm, so you can make sure they stay until the end of the day. It’s not about the quality of their work – it’s about the hours logged at the office.
  3. Read through their emails. Make sure they aren’t talking about you. Better yet, just have all their emails forwarded to you automatically. That way you can monitor their conversations from the comfort of your own computer.
  4. Buy a stopwatch. The only way to make sure they are only taking their allotted hour for lunch is to time their lunches. It’s quite simple.
  5. Point the finger. When something goes wrong, you already know who is at fault, so make sure you tell them. Your job is to monitor your employees, not help them learn. So when things fall apart, find someone to blame and make sure they know it.
  6. Only tell them what they need to know. Nothing more, nothing less. Even though you know about things that might affect your department, why is it your job to tell your employees? They can deal with it when it comes.
  7. Involve yourself in every decision they make. Even when it has nothing to do with you. There’s a reason you’re the supervisor and they’re the employees. You obviously know more.
  8. Follow them on Social Media. Monitor what they do, what they say, and make sure you tell them when you don’t like what they’ve posted.
  9. Contact them on nights and weekends. Or whenever they’re not at work. They left without giving you a report of their completed work, so they can report to you from home.
  10. Worry so much about their jobs that you forget to do yours. As we said, your job is really to get things done, so make them do it. You can worry about the rest of your job later.

Being a manager is hard. And when you throw in all that trust crap, it only complicates things. Keep it simple. Make sure you’re in control. Follow the ten step program, and you’ll be golden! Reduce trust…like a boss!

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