3 Ways to Inspire

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Inspirational Leadership…what does that mean? How do you inspire your team?  Or even inspire yourself?  When was the last time you were so engrossed in your work that you looked up and it was 5 o’clock?  You had no idea where the day went.  Has it been a while since you have felt that way?  You may be not inspired.  If you’re not, chances are…neither is your team.

Inspirational leaders create the environment for their team to be engaged in their work. They demonstrate trust. And willingly collaborate with others. If you’re not passionate and energized, how can you expect your team to be?

Here are 3 ways to inspire yourself and others:


  • Work toward a new goal or new challenge:  Our minds crave novelty and growth.  This is why people will spend endless hours playing a game trying to achieve the “next level.”  Why people go rock climbing, not because it is fun or easy, because it is a challenge.  There’s an intense rush that comes from achieving something new or mastering a new skill.  You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest but you do need to articulate a clear goal or vision and start working to achieve it.
  • Create opportunities for participation: For yourself and for those who report to you.  Everyone has a desire to contribute.  A need to feel that their work and ideas are valued.  Brainstorm new ways of doing things, new ways to improve your current processes.  Just thinking and considering the possibilities can ignite new energy in you and your team.
  • Believe in your potential and others:  This should probably be #1.  Because if this doesn’t exist, then you can forget everything you’ve just read. People won’t achieve goals or conquer challenges if we don’t believe they can.  Furthermore, others won’t share their ideas or solutions if they don’t feel you value them. This is the foundation to inspirational leadership. Helping others see their potential even if they don’t see it themselves. Pushing others to achieve greater things. Making it okay to mess up because we can learn and grow from it.




People leave companies because they feel they can no longer grow in their current role or see more growth opportunities elsewhere. Are you selling yourself and others short? Not allowing others to develop and grow? Challenge them, empower them and believe in their potential!  Instead, inspire them!