A Challenge for You

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We often find ourselves frustrated when one of our co-workers or employees makes the statement, “But that’s my job” or “That’s the way I’ve always done it.”  It challenges us to help the person understand why things need to change. The question is, though, have you challenged yourself lately? Are you doing things because that’s what you’ve always done? Have you asked yourself, “Why am I doing that?”

As leaders, we are responsible for the outcomes of the team we lead…and most of us like to have control over what is done. We check reports of others before they go out or we approve the latest version of a proposal or new marketing piece. This sounds normal, right? Well, by doing this we become the bottleneck.  As the bottleneck, we sometimes resent the fact that we have to put in so much extra time, having to extend our workday.

We’re caught in a vicious cycle.

Can you let go of some tasks while still maintaining control? Could you do this and ultimately achieve the goals of your company or team?  The short answer…Yes!

Take a look at the list below.

Could any of these things help you reduce some of the tasks associated with your sense of control?

  • The System.  Look at the current system.  Is it formalized (documented) so that everyone knows all of the steps and the expectations of the position on each of the steps?  Challenge yourself. Move some of the steps you have historically taken care of to someone else on your team. Even if you have always felt you had to be responsible for completing them. You may even discover extra steps that can be automated or eliminated.
  • Training.  Are people trained to the expectations of the job? Lay out the guidelines. Make sure each person understands what they are. Ensure that they understand what their responsibilities are. Make sure they understand the timelines. Train each person to complete tasks and review them based on a set of guidelines.
  • Accountability.  Hold people accountable for the system and the results of fulfilling every step of the expectations.  Coach them as needed.

Sounds simple enough.  Becoming aware of how things can change and the benefits can create the necessary motivation and even time to increase delegating – not only tasks but the responsibility.  Let it go.  Right now you have habits to be changed.  You may feel a little anxious and nervous because your hands (or eyes) aren’t touching those things you’re used to doing.  Just follow the steps.  It will all be fine!

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