Tired of bad meetings? You might be suffering from MAS!

We’ve all had those days. The days where we go from meeting to meeting, only to find that at the end of the day, we didn’t get anything done. We get frustrated and think… What a waste of time! I happens in every business – people schedule meetings that don’t need to happen; they invite people that don’t need to be there. And they waste time.

“MAS (noun): Mindless Accept Syndrome. An involuntary reflex in which a person accepts a meeting invitation without even thinking why. A common illness among office workers worldwide.”

In this video, David Grady explains that we allow our coworkers to steal from us. They steal something we can never get back. They steal our valuable time. Instead of protecting our time, we always accept and attend the meeting, only to find that our time would have been better spent elsewhere. Grady gives a comical example of bad meetings, and gives a few tips on how to make our meetings more productive.

So, how do we make our meetings more effective and stop MAS from spreading?

  • Ask yourself if the meeting is necessary. Do you really need a thirty minute conference call to update your team on a project, or would a detailed email be sufficient?
  • Define your purpose. Make sure you have a goal in mind before you invite others to a meeting. What are you looking to achieve?
  • Have an agenda. And send it out ahead of time. Give your team the chance to prepare; the meeting will be much more efficient…as long as you follow it.
  • Define your roles. Who is leading the meeting? Has someone been designated to take notes? Do you expect any of your team members to bring research or present during the meeting?
  • Only invite who needs to attend. It’s natural to want to include your whole team. But is it necessary? Are there some folks who won’t be affected by the issue? If they don’t need to be there, allow them to sit out so that they can spend their time more productively.
  • Start on time, and end on time. People have set aside their time for you. Be respectful and make sure you don’t keep them waiting, or keep them longer than you specified.

Help put a stop to MAS! Bad meetings don’t have to control your life anymore. Take back your time, and you might find that your day is a little more productive!