Belief in Positive Intent

Video Transcript:

Hey, it’s Courtney with Revela and today I want to discuss with you, believing with positive intent when working with others. To have the greatest influence as a leader, we need to have the belief that others do things with positive intentions. So, when we interpret others’ behaviors, why do we automatically assume they were intentionally trying to make us feel or make our jobs more difficult? Here are a few tips to help.

  • First, allow yourself to believe people’s intentions are good. Are they really out to make your job more difficult? If you think so…
  • Then, the next step would be to use different styles of questioning and statements to seek clarification to figure out why they do something a certain way.
  • Encourage others to work with you and encourage them to give you feedback. What kind of vibe are you putting off to others? Are you always open to learning and seeing the best in people?
  • Finally, identify a mutual understanding of goals and expectations and move forward together.

I recently completed our Intentional Leader program. One of our assignments for our final project was to interview members of our team. I was a little nervous going into these interviews. Honest feedback on myself?? I don’t know how many of you have met the members of the Revela team, but they are not scary or rude at all. Would they give me honest feedback? Yes. And would it be beneficial to my growth? Yes.

These interviews ended up being amazing and extremely helpful on how to communicate with each individual member of our team. Jessica was my last interview and I thought probably my easiest one. We share an office together, have a pretty open relationship, so I was kind curious on what feedback she was going to give me. We started going through the questions and I asked for any improvements on how we communicate.

She stated that she recently noticed that we learn differently. I kind of just looked at her, a little confused and she went on to explain. When she learns something new, whether it is a new software or a new project that we are taking on, she kind of wants to just want to figure it out along the way. She doesn’t want anyone to show her what to do, she wants to figure it out herself. I, on the other-hand, want to be shown how to do something first. I want to sit there and watch someone go through it and be able to take notes and write down steps and then I will do it.

For us, this was a huge ah-ha moment and a pretty simple fix! Instead of being frustrated and not looking forward to learning from one another other, we found a mutual understanding and the next project went much smoother. So I challenge you to maybe do a short interview with the people on your team. What you discover may surprise you.

These can be simple adjustments to help you enjoy working with people on projects and seeing the value that they bring to your team. Struggling to allow yourself to believe people’s intentions are good? What are you going to do?

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