Interview Your Team

Video Transcript:

Hi it’s Andrea with Revela. Have you noticed that we as teams often do a pretty good job of getting together to talk about projects, update each other on other things that are going on across the department or between departments, and even do a little bit of issue processing? But one thing that we don’t do very well is find out what it is that we can do between people or between departments that would make things better. So I have a simple exercise for you that might help.

Have each person on the team scheduled a one-on-one conversation with the other members of the team. During that conversation, ask them two questions:

The first question is: What is it that I do that allows you to do your job better or more effectively? What is it that I do that makes it easier for that person to do his/her job?

The second question I’d like you to ask is: What is it that they would like YOU to do differently because it would make what they do easier? It would make them more efficient and more effective in what it is that they do.

Scheduling these one-on-one interviews shouldn’t take too long. But the feedback that you get can be profound in that it gives the person that you are interviewing a chance to give you some feedback on those things that they would like to see you continue doing because it helps them. It’ll also give you a little bit of feedback that maybe you’re not even aware of that is causing them some headache or some heartburn in accomplishing what it is that they’d like to accomplish.

Give it a try. Set up the interviews and have people give feedback to one another. When you finish with the interviews, let us know how those interviews went and what profound information was provided that helped make you more efficient or more effective, or the team that you work with more efficient or more effective.

Are you ready to get started?

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