Manage Your Stress by Taking a Break

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s Jessica with Revela, and today I want to talk to you about stress. We’ve all felt it: the feeling of being burned out; the feeling of being overworked. It’s extremely easy to get irritated when you’re spread too thin, when you have too many things going on, or when you’re focused on too many projects. After so long, your energy depletes and sometimes, you just need a short break from the constant overload.

A study by Science Daily actually reported that people who give in to distractions at least once per hour actually perform better than those who don’t take breaks at all. Here are a few ideas for taking breaks at work.

  • First, try taking a walk. It could be around your office, around the block, or even up and down the sidewalk. Get outside and get some stimulation. You’d be amazed at the energy that a little bit of exercise can bring.
  • Second, try standing up when someone calls you. That’s right. I said the minute your phone rings, stand up. Not only will it allow you to think more clearly, but it’ll give you that little bit of extra movement that you need each hour.
  • Third, get some water or even a snack. Does your company have a break room? Walk there, grab some water, grab a snack, and walk back. That simple!
  • Finally, stretch. You don’t even have to leave your work area for that one. Pick your favorite stretches, stand up, and do them. And if you’re going to do them right where you are, make sure that you’re not looking at your computer or your phone or your emails that are coming through. Just focus on the stretching.

Breaks have several benefits and they can help us get back to work with renewed energy and a sense of purpose. Are you feeling burned out or stressed at work? What are you going to do?

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