Stop Making Assumptions

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, it’s Jessica with Revela. I want to tell you a story about something that happened in our office recently. This story is about making assumptions. For two weeks, one of our team members seemed a little “off.” She stayed at her desk, she didn’t speak to us very often, and didn’t greet us in her normal way when she walked into the office. So immediately, the rest of us tried figuring out what was wrong. We each had our own reasons as to why she could be so upset, and some of them were really silly reasons. We thought about it, and worried, and we weren’t sure what we did wrong.

So finally, I asked. During a meeting with this team member I said, “You’ve seemed really distant or preoccupied lately. What’s up?” The look I received in response was puzzling. So I went on to elaborate about the things we noticed, a little nervous of what her response might be. She laughed…

What I found out was that this team member was not mad…at any of us. She wasn’t upset. She wasn’t trying to be distant. Instead, she was focused. She had a lot on her plate and was only trying to make the best use of her time and trying not to interrupt us either. She didn’t realize the way her behavior had come across to the rest of the team.

We all make assumptions about others. And when we don’t keep the lines of communication open, we start keeping score. We start looking for reasons why others might be behaving in a certain way. And really, if we want to know something, all we have to do is ask.

So my video today doesn’t include a lot of tips about how to do something. Instead, I just want to get one message across. At work, or even at home, stop assuming. Instead, communicate. If you believe someone is intentionally behaving in a certain way, then set aside your fears, your blaming, and your assumptions, and simply have a conversation. What you find out might surprise you.

Are you making assumptions about others? So what are you going to do?

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