Building Relationships

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We’ve all been busy…really busy. And many times we get so caught up in saving a minute here, or an hour there, that we lose many of the qualities that make life worth living — particularly the quality and joy that others can bring to our lives.

Success in business or in your personal life can become meaningless if there is no one available to share the fruits of that success. Therefore, setting aside time for building relationships with others is very important.

For example:

  • You can save time on the job by cutting out the conversations about personal matters; but if you eliminate it completely, you may project an attitude of callousness toward the needs and interests of others. It may cost you loyalty and respect.
  • You can save hours by cutting out or shortening meetings, but you may lose many of the creative ideas that are generated only when people with common interests get together.
  • You can organize work time efficiently to provide extra time for your family; but if you fail to establish happy relationships with them, family members may not welcome the hours you offer.

Taking advantage of opportunities of your time to others will gain you the loyalty of coworkers. It will gain you, the friendship of peers, the love of family, and the respect of the community. These rewards are the most important motivation for time management. They will bring a valuable return that you could never purchase in any other way.

Here are some example of the benefits of investing time in others:

If you are a manager, the 15 minutes spent listening to an employee tell you about a problem may help this employee become an informal employee leader. He may be the one who convinces your team that an unpopular decision you are forced to make is necessary for the good of the whole company.

If you are in sales, the 10 minutes that you listened to a prospect’s needs could result in several invaluable referrals that bring you additional customers.

If you are a parent, the time you carefully protect to spend with your children every day will make them feel confident so they can communicate openly with you.

And, if you’re married, the time you spend now in understanding the work and interests of your spouse will strengthen your commitment. Additionally, it will build happiness and hold your marriage together.

We talk all the time about protecting your time; eliminating time wasters. However, the thing we rarely mention…there’s a happy balance. Sometimes spending that time with others can have an even greater return. So make time for people…you’ll be glad you did.

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