Can You Count on Workplace Relationships?

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Front-line staff are the drivers of your business.  Often, they interact the most with your clients.  Communicate your vision.  Create your client experience.  Develop and produce your products.  Do you know what has the greatest impact on their ability to deliver on your organization’s purpose?  Their immediate supervisor!

Research we found supports the fact that workplace relationships are the key to customer satisfaction. The relationship between an employee and his manager. Through the Meta-Analysis in the research (fancy name for a LOT of data), they found that employees who had a good relationship with their manager provided better customer service, and that results in the customer’s satisfaction. The research also shows that the same relationship between employees and managers also related directly to employee retention. Employees who felt they had a good manager stayed with the company longer. It’s that simple.

So what traits define a good manager?  According to the above research, front line staff defined good managers as those with the following three traits:

  1. Aptitude for Leadership
  2. Ability to Teach
  3. Adaptability

Leaders and managers who can train, support and develop their teams create an environment where skilled, front-line staff feel supported and can represent the organization’s vision well.  They feel supported, confident, and competent – that, in turn, directly impacts the client’s experience! Can you count on your company’s workplace relationships?

Building relationships at work can be hard. Want to learn more about how to build long-lasting relationships in the workplace? Check this out.


Research report: Q4 2014 Workforce Performance Report from Evolv (

  • Correlation: Employee relationships & customer satisfaction (27%)
  • Correlation: Employee relationships & employee retention (69%)