Company Culture

Building Relationships

We’ve all been busy…really busy. And many times we get so caught up in saving a minute here, or an hour there, that we lose many of the qualities that make life worth living — particularly the quality and joy that others can bring to our lives.

Success in business or in your personal life can become meaningless if there is no one available to share the fruits of that success. Therefore, setting aside time for building relationships with others is very important.

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10 Ways to Create Employee Turnover

Are you tired of leading teams? Do you just wish everyone would quit so you don’t have to manage anymore, and you can do the job yourself? (After all, you probably do it better anyway…) Here are a few tips to help you create employee turnover in your organization.

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Where do I fit in?

Non-Family Members in the Family Business

As you may know, Revela is a family business. Our founder, Wayne Nielsen, started this business (among other companies) so that it would be around for his grandchildren’s grandchildren. We’re a smaller family business, but we do business across the United States. Family businesses come in all sizes. We work with a few in different industries: banking, manufacturing and distributing, transportation, and other business services.

Family business owners often contemplate who will take over the business when they retire. Revela is now owned by Wayne’s daughter, Andrea Fredrickson. Actually, many owners consider their family members as first options. Leadership teams may consist of spouses, siblings, children, cousins, etc. All the same people that sit around the table at Thanksgiving dinner. But as a non-family member in a family business, sometimes you have to wonder… Where do I fit in?

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Drama Carriers: Do you know one?

Oh my, gosh!  The drama!

Every once in a while, we’ll be working with a team and they will proclaim their frustration with the ‘drama’ in their workplace. You know…people blaming others without knowing the whole story. Talking about how others are wrong and don’t get it. The back and forth emails that don’t resolve anything. Copying everyone in the world on emails to prove just how ‘right’ they are. Snide comments between co-workers.

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Who Cares About Employee Engagement?

All the time, we see themes become popular in management. They seem like fads…something that will gain hype and eventually die down again. And by the time you implement a process, your employees have already found something else that’s more important. But one of those themes never went away: Employee Engagement. Whether you call it engagement or another term like accountability, ownership, empowerment, or commitment, it all revolves around creating an environment where employees act interdependently to drive your organization’s success. So, if you thought this was another fad, take out your notepad and write this down…It’s NOT.

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Whose business is customer service?

We have all had it happen. You have a lot on your plate and so many things to get done. It seems like everything is an emergency. Then you get an email from someone outside of your department asking (what seems to you) a question that only requires common sense. You shoot back a short, witty response and go about your day. Everything is fine…until the person receives your message.

“Customer service is not a department. It’s an attitude” – Unknown


What was common sense to you was actually new information to the person who asked you the question. What you didn’t know was that this person was new to his department, and had not been trained on the task. This person is now frustrated. He was reaching out for help and received a sarcastic, snarky response instead. And the jargon you used only confused him more. This person now knows that every interaction with you is going to be a moment of misery and no longer wants to work with you. He not only has this impression of you, but everyone in your department. Not such a good first impression.

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Personal Productivity: A New Year’s Resolution

So it’s the end of the year, and you’re probably starting to think about what your New Year’s resolutions are going to be…what your goals will be. Why not make a goal for personal productivity?

In today’s workplace, employees are being asked to be more efficient and produce at higher levels. Those individuals that can demonstrate the greatest degree of personal productivity are often those who are seen as the most valuable. This fact makes this concept of individual efficiency and production even more relevant.

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The Generational Divide: Working with Millennials

Recently, several managers have asked for suggestions on how to challenge, motivate, and retain talented Millennials. On the flip side, a few managers have also expressed the opposite problem: being frustrated about working with and managing the Millennial generation. We’re finding that the frustration is typically blamed on generational differences.

We typically hear comments such as, “When I was that age,” or “This Millennial generation doesn’t have the same work ethic that my generation had.” Negative references are made about Millennials who use their smartphones all the time, and their constant use of social media sites. Or that they think they can show up for work whenever they feel like it and demand a flexible work schedule.

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The Power of Love

Love. It’s not the first word that comes to mind when you think about what it takes to run a successful company. Culture. Teamwork. Perseverance. Determination. Collaboration. Accountability. Leadership. That’s probably more along the lines of what you might think of. But, doesn’t loving encompass all those things? In his video, Dr. John Izzo tells a story about a successful bank in Georgia that attributes its success to “The Power of Love.”

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Let’s Put the Awe Back in Awesome!

We recently worked with a man from South Africa. He’s an extremely interesting, incredibly smart leader who brings a unique set of skills to his company. He mentioned one day that in America, we use so many words incorrectly and that our culture and the way we communicate is very different. And for those with different backgrounds, this can be a challenging thing to understand.

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