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5 Signs Your Culture is Failing

Culture. How a common group of people think and treat each other. It’s the expected way people behave. Your family has a culture. Your group of friends has a culture. The team you work with has a culture; and so does the company for which you work.

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To Achieve Amazing Things, You’ve Gotta Take Action

How many articles have you read by now about setting goals and New Year’s resolutions? “They need to be realistic. They need to be achievable. They need to inspire you.” Yep, we get it. They need to be all of those things. And it feels amazing to set goals; to get yourself back on track.

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Confessions Of A Recovering Micromanager


Why do we micromanage? It may not always be intentional, but for some of us, it just seems to happen.

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This Gives A Whole New Meaning to Hump Day… 🐪

What would happen if we all took what we knew, and threw it away? Flipped it upside down? What if what we think we knew was actually holding us in the past? What if it was keeping us from reaching unknown and untapped potential? What if curiosity was the only way to move into the future?

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Make the Most of Your Holiday Break

It’s that time of year. People are going on vacations, taking time off, or leaving for the holidays. Whether you’re one that’s taking some time off, or sticking to the grind during the holidays, here are a few ways you can make the most of your break:

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How Much Do You Really Know About Thanksgiving?

America is on the brink of a huge change. We just elected a new President. Regardless of who won, this was a historic election. The first female President, or a business man looking to change the face of politics. Change is an inevitable outcome… and now more than ever, in our country and in our businesses, we need strong leadership with a clear, confident message while we recover from this difficult period……..okay, enough of that.

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Take a Break!

We’ve all felt it. The stress. The burnout. The feeling of being overworked. Sometimes in your job, you get to that point where you are exhausted and ready to pull your hair out. At Revela, this time of year is crazy. Fall is usually about the time companies and employees are back into their routines and have returned from summer vacation. It’s also when many organizations start their planning and budgets for the upcoming year. For us, this means emails, calls, schedule updates, and prepping for programs and events. Along with the regular day-to-day operations of the business. Our task lists sometimes go on and on…

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Are you taking advantage of Labor Day?

When most people hear Labor Day is coming, they think, “WOO HOO! Three Day Weekend!” But do you really know what Labor Day is for? Labor Day is a creation of the labor movement and it’s dedicated to the achievements of American workers. “It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made” to make our country a better place.

Labor Day is about so much more than a 3 day weekend. It’s a day to recognize all American workers. That’s you, reading this blog. That’s upper management directing teams of people. That’s the people working on the shop floor. That’s the individuals running the machines at the plant. That’s the people developing software, the cashiers at the bank, the guys running construction projects, the person who answers the phones at your office; and yes, even me, the one writing this article.

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What the Heck?!

Let’s face it – on a daily basis, someone will do something you don’t like. Whether it’s cutting you off in traffic, not replying to an email within your timeframe, or not following a specific process…it will happen. And when it does, what’s your first thought?

I know…It depends. I hate that response, though it may be true. Let’s talk about when someone cuts you off in traffic. Do you yell at the person? Shake your fist? Or something more drastic? Do you ever think, “What the heck?! Learn how to drive!”

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Just Send Them to a Workshop!

I just left a meeting with a prospective client. Like most of our clients, she came to me because she thinks her team needs some training. “They need to take responsibility. They need to communicate better. They need some motivation. I want to send them to a workshop!”

If it’s not an actual statement, at least the thought goes through the minds of managers and executives across the globe daily. But should you send them to a workshop?

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