Retaining Employees

The Power of Accountability and Tough Love

Think about a successful company that you know of. What do you believe made that company successful? Was it their excellent culture, their ability to work together, or perhaps their ability to persevere through tough times? Maybe their success is attributed to the leadership, or their ability to hold people accountable. It could be a multitude of things that mixed together and made just the right formula for success. Regardless of the formula, we believe two ingredients must have existed: accountability and tough love.

Yes, love. It’s not the first word that comes to mind when you think about what it takes to run a successful company. The first list we mentioned is probably more along the lines of what you might think of. But, doesn’t love encompass all those things?

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10 Ways to be a Jerk Boss, and a Pretty Lousy Manager

Looking for ways to really lock in that jerk persona you’ve been working so hard on? When being rude just isn’t enough…try using something from this list. Here are some sure-fire ways to be a lousy manager.

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Trust…From the Employee’s Perspective

One thing that makes employees unhappy is working for a company that doesn’t believe in them. From an employee perspective, we don’t want to be given the “easy” tasks. We want responsibility. We want trust. We want to know that you are comfortable giving things to us, even if you’re unsure of the outcome. We want to know that you are willing to let us go through our trial-and-error phase. Will we always knock it out of the ballpark the very first time? Probably not. But the fact that you’re willing to let us try – that’s worth the effort.

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