To Change or Not To Change…

It seems every industry is facing some type of change these days.  Change in customer spending habits, product delivery systems, and in personnel issues.  As we look at the various ways we interpret change, some will like the change, others not.

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Energy. Confidence. Results. – What’s Your Strategy?

Day after day we talk to leaders within companies that know that their business could be doing better. The problem? They’re unsure of how to go about it. Business is good, but not great. Competition has become greater. The decisions that need to be made are tougher. Because many leaders are unsure of how to make their business better – they do nothing.

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How Are You Doing On Your Goals?

Every year, usually at the beginning, we set goals. We make resolutions and commit to making changes. In both our personal lives and in business. What often happens, though, is that we set them, and don’t ever review how we did…not until the end of the year, anyway. By then, it’s way too late to make any changes or do anything about the goals that we never achieved. It’s also too late to celebrate our successes, and time to set new goals!

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It’s a BIG world…Fish in it!

“A wise person once told me that you are the average of the seven people you surround yourself with. At first, this seemed like something out of one of those ‘guru’ books, but the more I thought about it, the more I knew this person was right. I was surrounding myself with people who depended upon me to show them the way; people who were seeking my approval and guidance. So I asked myself, “What now?” What I decided has not only helped reduce stress, but is changing my life for the better.

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I Don’t Need Leadership Training!

“I’m an executive in our company. I don’t need leadership training!”

I would venture to guess that the majority of people who are members of a company’s executive team would think, if not actually say, these words. But if we asked those same executives if someone else on their team needed to improve their leadership skills, we’d get an irrefutable “Yes!”

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