Time Management

Are you productive or just busy?

Everywhere we go these days people have been telling us, “I’m so busy!”  Our first thought is “Great! It’s good to be busy.” But then we have to ask, “Are you busy or productive?” There is a difference.

How do you know if you are doing the right things at the right time?

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The Power of Focus

As summer gets into full swing, it’s certainly easy to become distracted from our goals. Personal vacations. Employee vacations. Holidays. And taking a few hours here and there to enjoy the warm weather. All of these are important in keeping our morale high, but all of these also affect our productivity.

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Raise the Bar…Here’s your Sign!

In our line of work, we tend to get calls from all kinds of managers. Managers who are frustrated with their teams. Managers who want their employees to have extensive leadership training because they just aren’t ‘getting it.’  These managers say “Jump” expecting their employees to respond in harmony with “How high?” Instead, the only response they get is their people looking at them with a look of bewilderment. These employees are thinking, “Yep – I knew he had a screw loose…”

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Do you want to be a Leader? Time for a Look in the Mirror

Do you want to be a leader? If I asked this in a room full of people, I’d probably get a unanimous head nod…Yes. The next question is, though…Do people around you see you as a leader?

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A Challenge for You

We often find ourselves frustrated when one of our co-workers or employees makes the statement, “But that’s my job” or “That’s the way I’ve always done it.”  It challenges us to help the person understand why things need to change. The question is, though, have you challenged yourself lately? Are you doing things because that’s what you’ve always done? Have you asked yourself, “Why am I doing that?”

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