Continuous Improvement: The Key to Continuous Success

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What you do today could very well be the thing that causes you to fail in the future. Whoa. We know…Take a moment. We’ll explain. As human beings, we want to be successful. It’s in our nature to have dreams, plans, and big ideas. It’s exciting. And those ideas cause us to push forward, to innovate, and to seek continuous improvement.

Once we reach a goal, we celebrate. And once we finally meet our standard of “successful,” we feel like we can finally breathe. We can finally slow down and cruise. But unlike a car, pumping the brakes in this context is like throwing it in reverse. And it could actually send us backward – to where we started, or worse, even farther back than that. It’s okay to enjoy your success. But it’s not okay to forget the very principles that made you successful in the first place. Ask yourself this: What made you successful?

Maybe it was your passion, your perseverance, or your innovative way of thinking. Regardless, it probably involved a standard of continuous improvement. In this video, Richard St. John tells the story of his success and his subsequent failure. Through a series of events over many years, he finally realized that “success is a continuous journey” that requires continuous improvement. We’ve all heard that “money can’t buy happiness.” But in his story, Richard tells us that he didn’t believe it until he experienced it firsthand. He came to realize that success is not a one-way street. Once we make it, we can’t just sit back, relax, and let it ride. That’s not how it works.

“Success is a continuous journey.” – Richard St. John

Throughout his journey, Richard St. John had to do some reflecting. He had to ask, “Why do so many people reach success and then fail?” Had to realize that in his success, he was no longer serving others; he was only serving himself. And because of this, he developed 8 principles to success that serve as a great reminder of how you might have become successful in the first place: Passion. Work. Focus. Push. Ideas. Improve. Serve. Persist.

You work hard and climb to the top, and once you get there, it’s not over. You have remember that continuous improvement is the only way to stay there. The world is always changing, and so are the people in it. Keep improving, and never forget who you are and how you got there. Because it’s those things that made you successful in the first place.

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