This Gives A Whole New Meaning to Hump Day… ????

What would happen if we all took what we knew, and threw it away? Flipped it upside down? What if what we think we knew was actually holding us in the past? What if it was keeping us from reaching unknown and untapped potential? What if curiosity was the only way to move into the future?

Take the camel for instance. As kids, we were taught that a camel’s hump holds water. It preserved it because it lived in the desert and was a way to keep the camel hydrated. But, did you know that a camel’s hump actually holds fat? :::MIND BLOWN:::

In this video Latif Nasser, Director of Research at Radiolab, explains this concept of curiosity and initiative that we all so desperately need in our organizations…using a story about a camel.

Nasser tells us that “you start with an idea in your mind of how the story goes.” And we stick with it, because it makes sense…like a camel in a desert. “But at any moment, you could uncover some tiny bit of evidence. You could learn some tiny thing that forces you to reframe everything you thought you knew.”’

That’s exactly why it’s so important that we keep our minds open. That we continue to challenge the status quo. That we use our curiosity and take the initiative to collaborate in ways that we never used to. The future of your company could depend on it.

“The story of our world is a dynamic one. It requires our willingness to readjust, to reimagine.”


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