INSPIRE! Co-Sponsorship Program

Helping non-profit leaders realize their potential through our sponsorship program.

One way Revela supports our community is through developing the leaders within non-profit organizations. Building their organizational leadership strength and inspiring them to be their best so that they can fulfill their organization’s mission. We believe that we will have the greatest impact in the community through developing the leaders within non-profit organizations.


Revela’s INSPIRE! Program provides the opportunity for non-profit businesses to enroll leaders and other individuals to participate in one of Revela’s leadership programs at a 50% discount. One seat per class at Revela is reserved for community non-profits. First-come, first-served.


Ideal for: Non-Profit Leaders & Employees 
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How It Works

The sponsor contributes 50% of the program cost. Revela will match the donation to cover the remaining 50%. INSPIRE! participants will then join other leaders as they learn about their own leadership style and develop more effective habits to get results.


If you would like to have a person from your non-profit organization participate in one of our leadership development programs, simply complete the form by clicking the button below.

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We Understand

When a non-profit is given a financial donation, you put it toward things that touch the most lives or toward things that would help move your mission forward. You don’t always budget for training leaders within your organization.


But, we know that when you strengthen those that lead in an organization, you actually strengthen the organization as a whole.

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Eligible Leadership Programs

During the year, Revela hosts several courses on leadership where employees and leaders from different companies come together to learn how to lead and be more effective and influential.


Revela programs eligible for the INSPIRE! Program*:


Effective Leadership Development

  • Number of Sessions: 10
  • Audience: Experienced professionals who lead other managers


  • Number of Sessions: 8
  • Audience: First level managers with less than 5 years of experience

Intentional Leader

  • Number of Sessions: 8
  • Audience: Professional, high potential employees


*Max of one INSPIRE! Participant per Revela leadership program.

INSPIRE! Participant Expectations

  • Complete the INSPIRE! Registration Form
  • Attend all program sessions or make alternative arrangements with the facilitator
  • Identify a mentor/coach for additional support throughout the program (may be the participant’s manager)
  • Review the program schedule and expectations with his/her manager prior to registration
  • Attend the final celebration and share the impact the program has had
Inspire! Sponsorship Program