INSPIRE! Sponsorship Template

We Get It

Without the help from our community partners, it would be difficult to make the important impact that your organization is making! We have provided a template to make it a little easier to ask for the 50% monetary sponsorship of one of our leadership programs.


How It Works

Copy and paste the below template into an email or word document. Fill in anything inside of a [BRACKET]. Send or mail to the inspire sponsor that you are looking to partner with. It’s that easy!



[Your Name]

[Your Organization’s Name]


[City, State ZIP]



We’re impressed with you. Since [YEAR], you’ve been supporting our community by [LIST THE CAUSES THIS PERSON HAS SUPPORTED IN THE PAST]; and generally being a positive force in the world.


As a leader at [NAME OF COMPANY], you no doubt understand the pressing need for helping our community. While we are already working to [INSERT WHAT YOUR ORGANIZATION DOES], we need your help to make our hard work go even further!


We are passionate about creating solutions and solving the problems that our community is facing. But our efforts can’t make their maximum impact unless we have the backing of the entire community; and we believe that leadership development can be a huge benefit for our organization, and for our community.


That’s why we’re writing you!

We are looking to build the bench strengths of our leadership team by partnering with Revela in enrolling [LEADER’S NAME] into a leadership development program. By joining this program, we hope to maximize our influence, make connections with other leaders in the community, and take our organization to the next level.


We couldn’t do the work we do without the help of generous people like you. We are looking for a 50% program sponsorship from your company to aid in making a greater impact in the Omaha metro area. Your contribution would need to be in the amount of [INSERT AMOUNT HERE], and you can make the tax-deductible donation directly to us.

We hope that we can count on your support to help us continue to grow our leaders and improve our community!

Thank you!