Leadership…Blah, Blah, Blah!

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In our line of work, we are asked to facilitate A LOT of classes on leadership! It’s a hot topic. Every company wants its people, especially management, to lead. And really, it makes good business sense to get your people demonstrating better leadership behaviors. The fact of the matter is, though, it’s not as easy as you think…there are a lot of issues that accompany the pursuit of leadership.

Some people view leadership as a position. In fact, many believe that in order to be a leader, you must have a title that includes Chief, Manager or Supervisor. While we all hope that these positions include the responsibility of leadership, we all know that many with those with titles don’t always (or sometimes ever) demonstrate leadership behaviors.

People with titles believe they are already leaders. For many this is true. For others, this is a load of crap! Some that have leadership responsibilities have not even thought about what it takes to be a leader, let alone demonstrated the sometimes difficult behaviors that represent true leadership.

Leadership behaviors come naturally to some, while others never really learn them; they never had to learn them. Those who naturally demonstrate true leadership behaviors generally rise through companies, teams, and associations to heights they aspire. But what about those who have the talent, but need a little extra guidance? What about those without the title? Is it possible to reward these people and provide that extra “oomph” to get them where they need to be? Are leadership behaviors rewarded in your company?

Some companies provide “leadership” training, only to allow people to revert back to old behaviors or worse, not expect people to be challenged to demonstrate these new behaviors. What a waste! This is not only a waste of time and money but is detrimental to the morale of your employees.

Maybe it is time for you to set the example.

Step up and LEAD! Demonstrate more of your leadership skills and behaviors. Reward those who follow your example! Sometimes that means challenging the system because something is not right, or making a difficult decision about the direction or the abilities of employees. Leadership is fun, but most certainly not easy.

The test of true leadership is what the person does when faced with adversity and challenge…not the easy stuff!

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