Leadership. It’s Not About You.

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There are no less than 14,000 books on leadership. Probably more. All the time, speakers entertain us. We attend workshops and seminars. We read the books. Everyone has the magic formula of what it takes to be a great leader. However, has anyone ever followed up to see if those who attend these workshops, listened to the speaker, or read the books have become better leaders?

The books, articles, and workshops on leadership focus upon what to do in order to become a better leader. They focus on you the leader. Not the followers. What is not always communicated through these various sources is the fact that if your people are not “better” as a result of their interactions with you, you’re probably not doing all the right things! As the ancient proverb says, “The best leader, the people do not notice.”

Here’s an example for you:

Jon managed a large division of an international company. His CEO recognized that Jon was a good leader. But he needed to expand his role by providing more leadership in unifying the culture across the business divisions. Jon accepted the challenge. He hired a coach. He set forth to involve his team in an intensive project plan. They met regularly as a team and with colleagues across the company. When asked why the process was so successful he said, “The success of the project isn’t about me.  It’s about all of the great people who choose to work with me.”

Truly great leaders, like Jon, realize that it is silly to think leadership is about the leader. Leadership is created by the people that work with you…not the one person who has the privilege of being at the top.

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