Management Teams Aren’t Productive

Recently, while working with an executive team, I posed the question, “How productive are you?” They all looked at me as though I had three heads. Then gave me the list of things they are doing. Appointments and meetings they have scheduled. So I pressed on.

“What are you doing that is moving your team and/or the business forward or toward achieving the strategic goals?” Needless to say, what followed was a lengthy discussion.

When we look at our management teams, we expect that they know what to do and make it happen. Our management teams know how to be good employees. The question is whether they know how to move the business forward. Make things better. Achieve the strategic objectives that have been established.

Everyone is busy. We all get on that proverbial treadmill we call our daily lives. Running from meeting to meeting. Responding to the never-ending list of new emails. In a constant state of responding. But are we stopping to look at whether we’re working on the most important or high payoff activities?

With fierce competition and margins shrinking, we have to leverage every asset available. Our management teams must set the standard and expectations by focusing on moving forward. Not just getting things done.

Our talent pool should be mentored at early stages in their careers to act in ways that help customers, find better ways to accomplish our objectives, and build more business. Mentoring produces better leaders and managers for the future of our companies. Click To Tweet

Ask yourself if your management team is doing all they could do to build the business and move forward. Are you doing all you can make things better or are you going through the motions? What would you have to do differently? What would your management team need to stop doing? Challenge your team to learn what it takes to be more productive, not just busy.

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