Our Work

Re-focus through our process.

 Revela believes that every member of your team wants to succeed. And through guided self-exploration, you can discover a more effective leadership style that enables you to communicate, delegate, and celebrate growth in inspiring ways. Our five step process starts you on the path to success.

  1. Diagnostic:

    You talk. We’ll listen. Share your vision, challenges, successes and needs. We’ll absorb your information. Ask insightful questions. And begin to develop a plan for meeting your goals.

  2. Options:

    We don’t believe in “one solution fits all.” Options give you the opportunity to help shape and take ownership in your exploration. Not only that, it will help all of us work around the schedules and processes of your organization.

  3. Planning and Focus:

    We would never lead you blindly. Once our plan is finalized, we help prepare your team for the program. That way everyone begins with a clear understanding of the purpose, the process, and the schedule.

  4. Discovery and Implementation:

    Let the exploration begin! Through reading, listening and discussing various elements of leadership, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on what it means to be a leader. How to guide others. Move your company forward. And gain confidence in your career path.

  5. Sustainability:

    You’ve got the tools, so now what? We’re firm believers in lifelong learning. So following the initial program, we will continue to meet…just not as often. Through check-in sessions, the Revela team can provide added guidance, insight or just a little extra support.