Our success is measured by the success of our clients. Read what some of our parners have to say about their experience with Revela.


Bethlehem House – Bethlehem House

Andrea knocked it out of the park. Our team session at Revela was productive and positive. Andrea understood our needs, and kept the team on track and engaged. I would highly recommend Revela!


James Westphal – AmeriServe International

Revela is an integral part of our support system. Our team members look forward to training opportunities with Revela’s team of professional facilitators. The training is always engaging and interactive.


Tyna Anderson – AmeriServe International

I recently participated in a facilitation class with Revela. Andrea made the class personable and fun. We all laughed alot, but learned even more than expected. Thank you!!


Chelsea Acosta – AmeriServe International

I had the opportunity to participate in one of the classes offered by Revela and it was very beneficial. Not only was it helpful to myself and others in the organization, but Andrea kept the class interesting!


Paul Edwards – Pender Community Hospital

Organizations succeed by retaining and growing high performance leaders. My experience is that Andrea Fredrickson and the team at Revela get it. I know we’ll continue to work them moving forward.


Kristin Hartung – Leadership Delta

Revela has been so wonderful to work with! Jessica specifically was my trainer and she is always happy to help me out and very patient during our training. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them. I would highly recommend Revela!


Laura Boyd – Leadership Delta

Revela is a great partner to have in strategy, leadership development, and DiSC assessments. We have worked directly with Andrea and Jessica and received top notch service and expertise from both. However, it really does not matter who you’re working with directly, the team is delightful and helpful every time we call. Thank you, Revela.


Kari L Zimmerman – Simply Cleaner

Revela has had such a huge, positive impact on our family owned and company. I cannot tell you just how lasting the learning has been for us. We continue to draw from things we’ve learned about ourselves and communication styles and approaches. We have learned to be better by applying that knowledge and the realizations that came out of taking Revela management and leadership classes.

Due to the impact and influence of Revela, we have reorganized in the last year, some of this being with our own ourselves personally and some as a team, and now, the position of Manager is truly managing. The scariest thing for us 10 years ago was hiring employees and trusting them to do things right when we are not with them. Fast forward 10 years today and we are operating so much smoother because we figured out our highest pay off activity is investing in people. We are so grateful for Revela!


Pete Evans – DotComm

I looked forward to the classes every week and found the discussions that were had to be extremely valuable.


Angie Frederick – YMCA of Greater Omaha

Our Senior Leadership Team had a great experience with Andrea as we work together to lead our organization into the future. She had a great plan and made adjustments during our time together to help us develop a plan for the future.


Mark Russell – Millard Lumber

Great place to get many different types of business training, personal training, and guidance. Andrea and her team have never disappointed and I’ve always had a wonderful experience with all that they’ve offered.


Diane Stein – Proxibid

Michelle and the Revela Team really provided great service and awesome leadership development for our employees! They worked through the planning with our team, ensuring we scheduled according to our business needs. Their program is engaging for employees, coaches and managers!, with regular updates. The feedback from those who attended was very positive, so much that we are working with Revela to put another group of employees through their Intentional Leader program. Great work Revela! I highly recommend them!


Brad Turner – Audi Omaha

Michelle, made the class engaging, inspirational and a place you felt comfortable talking through things. What a great class!


Rachel Hetue

This training is purposeful, adaptable, and fun! I really enjoyed broadening my horizon and having Lona as our leader!


Mary Eriksen – Sapp Bros

Vary good training. I sent my employee to this training and it was effective. The trainer was very good. My employee had nothing but good things to say and I have a more productive and capable employee.


Randi Pape – Iowa Western Community College

The Crucial Coaching and Conversations class has given me some great tools to work on and implement as I continue to grow in managing and leading my staff. Andrea was great to work with!


Elizabeth Hansen – Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands was fortunate to have four attendees in the last class. I had a team member who attended and she felt it was very beneficial for her. I was impressed with the curriculum and the instruction she received. Thank you to Revela for this opportunity.


Genevieve White – Big Brothers Big Sisters

The leadership training from Revela was such a valuable experience for me and I learned so much about how to improve communication and be an overall better leader. Lona was an amazing instructor! She was able to facilitate good dialogue and give lots of examples to illustrate the concepts discussed.


Kiley Herrold – Team Software

Always a great and positive experience. Revela provides quality service that is rare and hard to find!


Steve Saunders – Iowa Western Community College

Andrea spoke at my college. I’m a full-time faculty member. She inspired me to think differently about “change,” and to be someone who thinks “above the line.” It was a compelling and powerful presentation.


Mike McFarland – Norland International

We have spoken to Andrea several times about Leadership Training but thus far, we have not contracted with Revela to make this happen. This has not been her / their fault – it’s clearly ours. We are working on the timing and making sure we have “the right people in the right seats of the bus”. I really enjoy the videos and emails I receive from Revela! I am confident that when the time is right for us, we will be happy with the results from Revela. Keep up the great job!


Linda Potter – Watkins Concrete Block

I was stagnant in my career. I’d fallen into a routine. Some might call it a rut and that can happen after you’ve been with a company for 11 years. After spending time with Andrea, I’ve got a new perspective. We worked on evaluating our current work situation. Were given tips on how to make new habits that would spark new life! I’m more productive, more engaged, and happier than I’ve ever been with work. Thank you, Andrea!


Kelsey Martin – Chatterkick

I was recently interviewed by a college student about leadership: How do you define it, what must a leader always do, what must a leader avoid, how important is leadership, etc. Last year, I would’ve gone with my gut and answered these questions nonchalantly. But after completing Revela’s Effective Leadership Development, I confidently answered these questions with purpose and clarity. I’ve had significant professional growth directly as a result of Revela’s ELD course. I have tools to use every day, communication best practices, and an overall better perspective on leadership and management. Michelle – and the entire team at Revela – really helped elevate my career and provide clarity and focus on my passions. My team members have all been impacted by my participation this program! Would highly recommend for new managers.


Rachel Caldwell

Sometimes a company needs an experienced, professional, outside voice to help refocus the business goals. Revela can bring out the best of your management team. They helped us discover the most productive ways to work with each other as well as how to become better leaders.


Tim Curran – Northwestern Mutual

Having problems? Got more problems than you can count? Having problems fixing your problems? Having problems identifying your problems? Or are you need are in need of:
Personal growth?
Professional development?
Leadership Skills?
Strategic Vision?
Eradicating blind spots?
Looking at issues in a new light?
Growing your business?
Plus a whole host of other services….Revela has you covered.
The Revela team is a group of talented, business-minded professionals that provides clarity, enrichment, and wisdom. Period. Absolutely, positively worth the call.


Scott Hill – Hill Bros Transportation

Wonderful team, very valuable training. I recommend taking any/all of their Leadership Development classes not only for professional gain, but personal as well. Andrea and the team at Revela will help get you and your team to the next level!


Beth Trejo – Chatterkick

The Revela team understands leadership and management better than any other team I’ve met. There are so many complexities and dimensions of running a business and Revela dives deep into how to solve those problems. They truly are experts in their field.


Tim Seberger – Rasmussen Mechanical

They understand people and will change your organization for the better.


Kyle Jenkins – Lueder Construction

Awesome place and training


Brent Rasmussen – Mortgage Specialists

Andrea does great work and has helped our business with training and keeping our ideas in line with our business. They are a must speak with for any business!


Mike Bojanski – Finley Engineering

Thanks to Andrea for her expertise and guidance as she led the Bethlehem House board through our strategy session this week. We are now well prepared to move forward with our 3 year plan and continue to serve women in crisis and their babies.


Chelsea Acosta – AmeriServe International

I really enjoyed my class I was able to take with Revela! I look forward to taking what I learned and implementing it into my own classes at work. Andrea kept the class fun and entertaining!


Vance Allen – AmeriServe International

I absolutely enjoy every… EVERY… time Revela comes in to teach! I’m always wanting more when it’s over. Much ❤ for ALL you do!!!


Ryan McDougall – FBG Service Corporation

Great group of professionals. Our company thrives with your help, we appreciate you all!


Angela Avis – TS Banking Group

Highly recommend Revela for developing well prepared and confident leaders! Excellent team to work with and utilize as a business partner.


Scott Hill – Hill Bros Transportation



Andy Moore – Baxter Auto Group


Steve Broniecki – Security Equipment


Melissa Peterson – TS Banking Group

Very professional team with a lot of great leadership and business advice. Always willing to help in any way possible.