Executive Coaching

Company Profile

A twenty-five million dollar packaging company, headquartered near Omaha, Nebraska, with 120 employees.


The visionary owner of this growing company was working to build and structure the organization for the future. He recognized the need to talk about concepts and processes for growth, realizing he wasn’t ready to discuss some of these concepts with members of his team until he had thoroughly thought through them. He also recognized the need for the COO to have the same opportunity, thinking through ways to organize the leaders of the organization and coach them for growth before actually having the conversation with each person. Each person had very different skills and experiences.

Revela Solution

The process began with conversations with each executive where they identified current frustrations and ideas; areas where they felt stuck and unable to move forward because they felt they lacked perspective or confidence. Revela worked with them individually, helping them to challenge assumptions and discover the impact of their actions.


These conversations included many questions from Revela to help the executives get out of the day-to-day thinking and consider the strategic impact. They were assigned some outside reading and videos to watch, then held a discussion on the application to the executive’s situation. Other assignments included interviews and/or conversations with other members of their team.


These coaching sessions were scheduled monthly with additional conversations between each scheduled session as needed.

Where We Are Today

Today, Revela meets bi-weekly with these executives one-on-one to continue the coaching relationship and challenge thoughts and ideas. Revela is involved in other meetings and strategic discussions with the Leadership Team on a quarterly basis as well.

Why Executive Coaching With Revela?

The facilitators at Revela all have experience owning their own businesses or running an entire business for other owners. They bring with them firsthand experience related to the issues and challenges executives may face. In addition to the Revela facilitators’ personal experiences, they work with other executives in various industries and roles, bringing those experiences as well.  Revela’s coaching process is about discovery, not lectures. Coaching not teaching, and self-awareness over textbook examples. Discovering the solutions and the personal confidence needed by the individual being coached.

Revela Process
  • Interview the executive to determine specific goals and determine how to measure progress.
  • Establish the frequency of the coaching sessions and a plan of action which includes individual work with Revela, assignments and feedback.
  • On-going progress checks.