Hiring Assessments

Company Profile

An employee-owned software company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with 100+ employee owners.


The Vice President of Human Resources recognized that in order to grow and retain the company’s workforce, they would need to have more factual information to select talented candidates with the skills and knowledge the company needed to fill key roles now and in the future.

Revela Solution

The process began with a face-to-face meeting with Revela. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the current employee onboarding process and fill in the gaps of what was needed to reduce turnover and find individuals that possessed the talents and skills needed to fill key roles within the company.


Next, Revela met with directors from each department of the company to identify the roles that would need to be filled and the skills and specific attributes needed to be successful. Revela then helped identify key individual contributors within the company that already possessed those skills and attributes, and were successful in their current positions.


Using the Profile XT assessment, Revela captured the information of the current top performers at the company. From the findings, a performance model was created for each position, combining the scores from top performers and core competencies identified in the company’s job descriptions.


A custom performance model for the Profile XT is used to assess future potential candidates and match them against benchmarks created for the company to help identify whether the candidate is a good fit for the position.


Following this phase, the VP of Human Resources, along with other members of the executive team, worked to create a specific process for hiring and onboarding at their company that now included the Profile XT assessment.


Revela held a meeting with all directors and managers involved in hiring to walk through the competencies identified by the Profile XT and how to interpret and use the findings.

Where We Are Today

Today, the company continues use the Profile XT assessment as a component of their hiring process. Performance Models are created and updated as the company’s needs change. Since 2013, the company’s workforce has grown by over 36 percent. It has also been awarded one of Omaha’s best places to work.

Why Use Hiring Assessments from Revela?

Because of the experience of working with employees in different positions, from a manufacturing environment, to banking, to business services, Revela can guide a company through the various steps needed to create a hiring process. Revela helps challenge the current thinking to prepare for the future. The use of hiring and other behavioral assessments can help empower leaders to make informed decisions regarding potential candidates, build confidence when placing candidates, and assist with communication and behavior alignment after a person is hired.

Revela Process
  • The process is always customized according to the goal(s) of the company.
  • Identify core competencies for each position.
  • Identify current top performers and key individual contributors who already possess those skills.
  • Help human resources create a custom hiring process.
  • Assess potential candidates for each role.
  • Implement the plan and review as needed.


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