Leadership Assimilation

Company Profile

A global manufacturer and distributor headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with 2800 employees in nine locations across the United States.


A key plant manager with over 30 years of experience announced his upcoming retirement. Upon careful consideration, a new leader was selected who had the skills to lead the plant in the future.  The retiring plant manager and the new plant manager had noticeably different leadership styles. The company recognized this and knew that any significant change in leadership could cause a temporary disruption in performance as people adjusted to the new leader. The company wanted a strategy to speed up the normal process of team assimilation and decrease the time needed to regain a high performing team.

Revela Solution

Revela recognizes that even the slightest change within an organization can have an impact on a team and how they work together. Because of this, Revela applied experience related to team building to help reduce the amount of time the team would need to spend to reach a level of familiarity and trust. Open discussion related to work habits and expectations within the team needed to occur. Rather than this process occurring through happenstance, Revela guided the leadership team through a facilitated process called Leadership Assimilation.


During this process, members of the team had the opportunity to ask both personal and profession questions of the leader and share key characteristics about the team. Team members were asked to brainstorm questions that they wanted to ask their future leader. This was done without the leader being present. No question was off-limits.

Next, the group was asked to think about what they wanted the future to leader to know about them, how they worked together, and their own expectations of the future leader.  Revela helped the team prioritize the most pressing questions and topics to ask the future leader.


The leader shared his responses to the questions and addressed their concerns. He was able to articulate his leadership style and clarify his expectations of the team. He shared information about his personal life and his career path building rapport and increasing trust.

Where We Are Today

The team is now able to share challenges they face and articulate what support is needed from their new leader. Without this process, these conversations could take months to occur naturally, and sometimes not at all. Revela works on an ongoing basis with the leader and team to help ensure communication stays open and they maintain that level of trust.

Why Leadership Assimilation With Revela?

Revela understands team dynamics. Having a discussion facilitated by a third party allows participants to speak freely. The facilitator can ensure that the tough questions are brought to light and create a safe space for participants to share information. Leadership Assimilation provides a platform for the type of communication that is necessary to build rapport and trust within a team. Facilitators will key into non-verbal communication and help bridge the gap between the leader and the other team members.

Revela Process
  • The process is always customized according to the goal(s) of the company.
  • Interview(s) with the new leader and key team members to gain an understanding of existing team dynamics.
  • Determine length and number of sessions needed to accomplish goal(s).
  • Provide written summary of session as requested.

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