Leadership Training: Multiple Levels

Company Profile:

A regional community bank headquartered in southwest Iowa; 150 employees in eight locations.


Originally with 50 employees and plans for quick growth, the President (originally CFO) recognized the need to create a common language and management philosophy. The leaders of the company were great people without a consistent method to set clear expectations, develop and coach employees, and hold people accountable for results.

Revela Solution

Initially those on the senior leadership team participated in a leadership development program requiring them to read and listen to specific content between sessions. Although many had participated in different types of leadership training, it was important for the team to participate in a program together to help solidify their culture. During the sessions, the group would discuss valuable concepts and key subjects. Through this process, the company management style was solidified and, just as important, processes were identified regarding recruitment, employee development, and communication. Leaders learned how their peers’ thoughts influenced their actions, which enhanced trust among the leadership team.


As the company grew, a second level of management was established. These new managers participated in a level of management and leadership training appropriate to their experience. Because these managers were added over the course of a few years, they attended classes at the Revela training center with managers from other companies. This allowed new managers to get up to speed without having to wait for a group large enough to host at their company.


As part of their strategic planning process, the leadership team identified the need to build talent depth within the company. A program was developed specifically for the company’s individual contributors to assist in enhancing communication, removing self-limiting thoughts, and building stronger cross functional teams. All employees in non-management roles participated in this program.

Where We Are Today

As a result of this program, which is now offered every other year, employees have a better understanding of what other parts of the company do and career paths have become clearer. Some are then promoted into leadership positions, while others identify their role of being a valuable individual contributor.

Why Multi-Level Leadership Development With Revela?

Revela recognizes that one size does not fit all. Every person within an organization brings different skills, abilities, and experiences. Because of this, Revela has many different leadership and management development programs, from personal leadership to experienced senior executive level courses. Each program is tailored to the company and the individuals within the sessions, allowing individuals to use their experience and challenge their thinking.

Revela Process
  • The process is always customized according to the goal(s) of the company.
  • Identify the skill and experience level of the individuals within the identified audience(s).
  • Customize the type of leadership training program, number of groups, and location for the classes.
  • Revela facilitators discuss specific goals for each individual with the participant’s leader.
  • Revela facilitators communicate with the participant’s leader following every session, providing coaching techniques to help them support participants between sessions.
  • Participant’s leader attends a celebration at the end of the program and along with the participant to discuss progress made throughout the process.