FBG Service Corporation

Organization: FBG Service Corporation
Industry: Janitorial and building services
Locations: Janitorial Services in Nebraska (2), Iowa (3), Minnesota, Colorado. Facility Management in Continental US and Canada.
Size: 1,100 employees
Website: www.fbgservices.com
Partner since 1995


  • Determined to grow but needed perspective and direction
  • Successful and wanted to enhance leadership skills
  • Needed a plan on how to take the company to the next level
  • Wanted to develop the skills for succession planning
  • The leadership team participated in an intense applied strategic planning process that included leadership development
  • The plan created goals and actions that included next level leadership development at all branch locations
  • Following the intensive applied strategic planning process, the leadership team participation in weekly strategic and goal discussions to keep moving forward on their goals
  • Quarterly sales, communication, and leadership training in all locations to keep fresh and productive
  • Individual coaching to key employees
  • Ongoing leadership development programs at all locations

Through the ongoing weekly meetings with the Leadership Team, the company has continued to focus on growth both in employee development and business opportunity. There is now a culture of continuous improvement and training at FBG Service Corporation that helps in creating efficiency and improving profitability.

“They are passionate about helping others be the best that they can be.”

Terri Gogetap, President