Griffin Pipe Products

Griffin Pipe

Organization: Griffin Pipe Products
Industry: Manufacturer of water transportation products
Locations: Lisle, Illinois; Council Bluffs, Iowa, Lynchburg, Virginia
Size: 600 employees
Partner since 1998


  • Several people in management positions had been promoted out of the union into management without training
  • Wanted training with other businesses for perspective that other companies have the same type of issues
  • They didn’t want to disrespect the experience their people had already acquired
  • They couldn’t have all of their leaders away from the plant at the same time
  • Enrolled managers 2-3 at a time, into either Effective Leadership Development (ELD) or Basic Supervision at Revela
  • The programs facilitate from the current knowledge/experience base and took them to the next level
  • Individual coaching with the participant’s leader to provide support as individuals attended the program

There has been a drastic change in communication and development by those who have participated in the classes at Revela. Leaders back at the plant have created a culture of support and training because they are seeing more satisfied employees as a result of better leadership skills. As new and emerging managers are ready for development Griffin Pipe Products can register people to attend with other local businesses.

“We continue to send our employees to Revela because it works.”

Mike Tuttle, Director of Human Resources