Lozier Corporation

Lozier Corporation

Organization: Lozier Corporation
Industry: Global manufacturer and distributor of store fixtures
Locations: Nebraska (3), Alabama, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Texas, Indiana, California
Size: 1800 employees
Website: www.lozier.com
Partner since 2011


  • Needed leadership development but not sure where to focus
  • Recent focus change in leadership culture that needed support
  • Looking for someone who understood them
  • Merging cultures from recent acquisition
  • In depth interviews with multiple levels within the company
  • An anonymous survey completed on needs to be more successful in management/leadership roles
  • Results of the survey determined options for the next step
  • Comprehensive training starting with the executives and then all levels and plants on various communication and leadership

With all levels and locations participating in the customized Personal Leadership Development program, a common language has been established and immediately improved empathy and communication. Leadership development for different skill levels is creating confidence and breaking down some of the silos that can occur with multiple plants and departments. With one company providing training to all areas/plants there is one culture that is being developed, communicated and supported at Lozier Corporation.

“They do a great job of understanding who we are and fitting the training specifically to us.”

Tammy Carlson, VP of Human Resources