Rasmussen Mechanical Services

Rasmussen Mechanical Services

Organization: Rasmussen Mechanical Services
Industry: Commercial Mechanical Services
Locations:  Iowa (2), South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado
Size: 175 employees
Website: www.rasmech.com
Partner since 2011


  • Second/Third generation company grown into multiple locations
  • Great people, but lacked common direction and consistent management response
  • Senior executives with different management philosophies creating intense frustration
  • Lack of understood goals beyond revenue growth
  • Interviews with the senior management team and employee survey to uncover needs of the company and true desire for change
  • Leadership development and formal bi-weekly meetings were implemented
  • Foundational goals were established
  • Individual coaching to key employees

Survey results intensified the desire for change. The formal management meetings and leadership development facilitated by a third party helped to create new habits and more efficiency. A common management culture was created. Revela continues to participate in management meetings and provide leadership training discussions at Rasmussen Mechanical Services.

“Without Revela we’d be missing a member of our management team.”

Brian Rasmussen, COO