TS Banking Group

Organization: TS Banking Group
Industry: Banking
TS Bank Branches: Treynor, Iowa; Council Bluffs, Iowa (3); Macedonia, Iowa; Atlantic, Iowa; Corning, Iowa;
First National Bank: Clinton, Illinois
The Bank of Tioga Branches: Tioga, North Dakota; Crosby, North Dakota
Size: 200 employees
Websites: www.tsbank.com
Partner since 2005

  • Fairly new leadership team with a new President
  • Moving toward rapid change within the bank
  • Needed focus and common leadership language
  • Quarterly strategic planning and updates
  • Comprehensive leadership development at all levels
  • Communication and culture training for all employees
  • Individual coaching with key employees

With on-going strategic planning and employee development the bank has grown from $50 million in assets to over $275 million, from 25 employees to 110 employees. TS Banking Group has acquired many new locations and expanded its territory. TS Bank has been named number one in high performance three years running and Top Places to Work by the Des Moines Register five years running.

“Their unique method of training accomplished more than we expected.”

Josh Guttau, President & CFO