Plan to Rock in 2016!

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We’ve all done it. It’s a new year. We make a resolution to diet and lose weight. You go to the store, prep all your meals, and create a plan to go to the gym. By the time Monday morning rolls around, you are ready to start your week! You eat healthy all week, go to the gym, and get plenty of sleep. You jump on the scale and BOOM! Down three pounds! Success!

Now it’s the weekend, and time for a reward. You’re feeling good. One bad meal won’t hurt you. Then it becomes two bad meals. And then Sunday, you don’t feel like prepping meals or planning gym time for the next week. And guess what happens? You are off track and unmotivated.

Let’s change it to the workplace.

You have been recently promoted to a management position and are excited for this challenge. The first week you come in, get your team together, and have a group discussion on projects this week. You’re taking charge! You decide as a group who will work in each area, clarify any questions your team has, and create a plan.

Projects were completed on time, the drama in the office was at an all-time low, people were coming to you with questions, and you were able to help solve every issue that came your way. What a great week!

You were born to be a leader!

The next Monday rolls around and you had a busy weekend. Because you have so much to do, you decide a meeting is not necessary this morning. Your team will just continue to rock! Well, without that meeting, there is confusion in the warehouse, and three people are on PTO…but no one knew that. And to top it all off, you are being bombarded with emails that you cannot keep up with.

Is it a lot of work to plan for the week on Sunday when you would rather be lazy? Yes, but your goal to lose weight depends on it. Is it a lot of work to plan your work week and update your team on a consistent basis? Yes, but your team depends on it.

Are both of these things worth it? Yes. You are ready to conquer the week when you are prepared. Your team is ready to conquer their goals when they are prepared. As a leader, it is your job to keep your team engaged, motivated, and on track. Here’s a quote to think about…

In 2016, make it your plan to see things through.
Make it your plan to keep your team inspired.
Make it your plan to ROCK in 2016!

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