Retaining the Millennial Generation

Video Transcript:

Hi, it’s Jessica with Revela. Lately, we’ve been asked by a lot of our partners how to attract and retain millennials in the workforce. So I thought…who better to hear it from than a millennial?

A recent study showed that one of the top things the millennial generation was looking for was a good work/life balance. Millennials are not only trying to establish themselves in the workplace, but they are also trying to establish themselves in life itself.

The second thing that the millennial generation is looking for is the opportunity to grow within the organization. The opportunity to progress in their careers. So what can you do as a company?

Spend a little time with us. Find out where we’re looking to progress; where we’re looking to grow; what do we want to try? You can also implement a mentoring program within your organization. That would give us an opportunity to learn from people with different perspectives.

Another thing that the millennial generation is looking for is flexible hours and the ability to work remotely. Millennials grew up in a generation where physical presence is optional. We believe that as long as we get our work done, it shouldn’t matter how many hours we spend in the office. One study showed that many millennials would give up a raise in pay to achieve their ideal schedule.

Retaining millennials can require making some changes. So what are you going to do?

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