What Millennials Really Want

Video Transcription:
What Millennials Really Want

What do Millennials want most? They want to be heard. Are you listening? Revela team members Jessica and Courtney (who themselves are Millennials) sit down to discuss preconceived opinions about Millennials and what they really want most.

Jessica: So I almost think this should be, “How to Work For a Baby Boomer”. I think we get a bad rap to be honest. People just kind of put this stigma around us don’t you think?

Courtney: That we need a ton of freedom, we don’t really want to work that hard, that everything should be handed to us, we don’t really know how to interact with the real world.

Jessica: They like technology, they like flexibility and that makes them a bad person. But, I don’t really think that’s true.

Courtney: I don’t think that you can determine a person based on if they are a Millennial, a Gen X, Baby Boomer. I think it depends more on their personality and work ethic; what they can bring to the table, not necessarily what year they were born.

Jessica: For someone to manage us really, I think they just have to listen.

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