The Power of Focus

2 Minute Read

As summer gets into full swing, it’s certainly easy to become distracted from our goals. Personal vacations. Employee vacations. Holidays. And taking a few hours here and there to enjoy the warm weather. All of these are important in keeping our morale high, but all of these also affect our productivity.

It’s often said during summer months that it’s hard to get things done because so many people are out of the office. In fact, we sometimes even create excuses for our lack of productivity because co-workers are out of the office. We think clients aren’t around or they won’t make decisions until after Labor Day.

True, sometimes these excuses are accurate. But in many cases, we tend to generalize the behaviors or incidents of a few of our co-workers and clients to EVERYONE – including ourselves! The result… lack of results.

So it’s time to focus.

Yeah, it’s going to be hard. But you can do it!

  • Revisit your goals and target dates. What are you supposed to have accomplished? By when? Work on accomplishing some of the tactile steps. Make sure that what you are doing is measurable and relevant.
  • Organize your time. Plan specific periods of time to complete projects or tasks. Give yourself a timeframe and stick to it. Make it like an appointment with yourself. (If you end up talking to yourself, we promise not to judge you!)
  • Prioritize. Are you concentrating on the activities that will get you the greatest results? Are you delegating tasks to the right people…or just doing it yourself because you just like to do it?

The practice of being focused takes discipline. It’s hard work. Focus on your goals, time, and priorities… In the end, it will pay off! Enjoy the summer, but make sure you’re still getting results!

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