Crucial Coaching & Conversations

Crucial Coaching & Conversations

Creating a culture of communication, collaboration, and shared success begins with confidence in your coaching style. We’ll coach—not lecture—you on how to become a respected leader and effective communicator. In daily operations or when challenges and personality conflicts occur, you can address situations with confidence and work toward a positive outcome.


Ideal for: Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders

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  • Build confidence as you address conflict and unmet expectations in a healthy manner.
  • Embrace your communication style and attitude as a coach.
  • Encourage dialogue, engagement, and buy in using your facilitation skills.
  • Learn to be effective when providing feedback to your team.
  • Realize the different reasons for and methods of coaching.
  • Develop your team for the future.


Empower leaders to accomplish more. C3 can benefit everyone, including:

  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders


Time Commitment:

  • Eight Interactive Training Sessions
  • 2.5-Hour Sessions

Success-Oriented Tactics:

  • Workbooks with Audio
  • Self Evaluations
  • Conversation Model
  • Journal
  • Everything DiSC® Assessment
  • Life Practice Sessions
  • Coaching Tips

Sessions can be hosted at Revela, or we can bring them on-site.


Session 1: INTRODUCTION: Discover why coaching is so important.

Session 2: ATTITUDES OF COACHING: Determine your intent and style as a coach.

Session 3: FACILITATION: Develop the art of asking the right questions.

Session 4: COACHING IN ACTION: Enhance your conversations during training and feedback.

Session 5: CRUCIAL CONVERSATIONS: Respond to moments of truth and difficult conversations.

Session 6: PERFORMANCE COACHING: Best practices for performance reviews.

Session 7: DEVELOPMENT COACHING: Plan to take your team to the next level.

Session 8: CELEBRATION: Recap and celebrate all you’ve learned.