Effective Leadership Development

Effective Leadership Development

Let’s reveal your hidden leadership skills. Revela guides you toward discovering an individual leadership style that you can feel confident in. By exploring the key attributes of a successful leader, you can build a more collaborative, engaging, and highly motivated environment.

*This class is available via video conferencing. Teams from around the US collaborate together!


Ideal for: Managers & Leadership Team Members
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Starting at $2,450 per person


  • Increase confidence and effectively empower staff to achieve the goals of the collective group and business.
  • Gain respect and strengthen relationships within the team through effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Unlock the potential of your team through delegation, time management, and accountability.
  • Discover methods for establishing a culture of encouragement, collaboration, and recognition.
  • Incite individual employees to find personal success through SMART Goals, with focused energy on High Payoff Activities.


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Empower leaders to accomplish more. Effective Leadership Development can benefit everyone, including:

  • Managers
  • Leadership Teams


Time Commitment:

  • Ten Interactive Training Sessions
  • 2.5-Hour Sessions

Success-Oriented Tactics:

  • Workbooks with Audio
  • Action Exercises
  • Self Evaluations
  • Weekly Plan of Action
  • Feedback and Discussion Sheets
  • DiSC Assessment
  • Weekly Accomplishments
  • Coaching Tips

Sessions can be hosted at Revela, we can bring them on-site, or conduct via video conferencing.


Session 1: KICK OFF: Custom coaching session.

Session 2: SUCCESS: Why un-tapping your leadership style matters.

Session 3: TIME MANAGEMENT: Achieving more through greater efficiency.

Session 4: AUTHORITY: Maintaining control of your team.

Session 5: DELEGATION: Creating individual success through teamwork.

Session 6: COMMUNICATION: Speaking the language of a leader.

Session 7: MOTIVATION: Keeping your team positive and moving forward.

Session 8: PROBLEM-SOLVING: Becoming solution oriented.

Session 9: STAFF DEVELOPMENT: Realizing the potential of your people.

Session 10: CELEBRATION: Recap and celebrate all you’ve learned.

*Virtual Effective Management Development has 11 sessions. See Virtual Program Brochure for more information.