Effective Personal Productivity

Effective Personal Productivity

Advancing your career isn’t necessarily easy, and what you find at that next level may seem like more than you can take on. We help you realize your potential for personal and organizational growth through effective goal-setting, self-discipline, and by adopting positive behaviors to maintain an attitude for success.


Ideal for: Managers, Support Staff, Sales Professionals, & all Levels of Employees

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  • Evaluate your attitude and make productive behavioral changes.
  • Focus your activities using SMART Goals and High Payoff Activities.
  • Increase levels of personal and team productivity.
  • Discover your motivation to achieve more through time management and personal accountability.
  • Improve productivity through communication.


Empower individuals to accomplish more. Effective Personal Productivity can benefit everyone, including:

  • Managers
  • Support Staff
  • Sales Professionals
  • All Levels of Employees


Time Commitment:

  • Eight Interactive Training Sessions
  • 2.5-Hour Sessions

Success-Oriented Tactics:

  • Workbooks with Audio
  • Goal Setting and Accountability
  • Weekly Plan of Action
  • Feedback and Discussion Sheets
  • DiSC Assessment
  • Weekly Accomplishments
  • Peer Group Interaction
  • Success Planning Tool

Sessions can be hosted at Revela, or we can bring them on-site.


Session 1: KICK OFF: Establishing baseline goals.

Session 2: PRODUCTIVITY: Attitudes for increased productivity.

Session 3: TIME MANAGEMENT: Achieving goals through greater efficiency.

Session 4: PRIORITIES: Establishing what’s important and sticking to it.

Session 5: COMMUNICATION: Creating efficiency using communication.

Session 6: EMPOWERMENT: Developing team players through delegation.

Session 7: TEAM PRODUCTIVITY: Applying methods for team collaboration.

Session 8: CELEBRATION: Recap and celebrate all you’ve learned.