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Engagement Surveys &
Needs Assessments

If you want a better understanding of what your team members think about current practices or the state of the organization, you need to ask them. Get their reaction to new processes. Get their ideas on ways to make improvements. Do you have something you want to ask them?


After years of research and conducting engagement surveys, we created REV: a comprehensive employee survey to encompass all areas important to a healthy organization. We can also create a custom survey or conduct a focus group to meet your needs.


Ideal for: All organizations and all levels of employees


REV: Engagement Surveys

What is REV?

Not one of your average engagement surveys. REV is more than that. It’s a process. A way to gauge your current culture and discover your organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Our method doesn’t just measure engagement, but serves as a mechanism to identify culture alignment…or misalignment. Job satisfaction, relationships at work, benefits, and knowledge of the company goals and initiatives drive alignment, engagement, and results.


Is the culture you want the culture you have?




  • Reveal culture alignment or misalignment.
  • Gain employee perspectives on company goals and direction.
  • Identify priority areas of engagement.


  • Build confidence in company direction.
  • Refocus your team around your company’s vision.
  • Establish the motivation for change.


  • Develop a strategy to communicate the vision.
  • Take action to create the culture you want.
  • Build confidence that what is being done makes a difference.