High Performance Teams

High Performance Teams

Healthy collaboration between team members is imperative to results. We’ll explore how to communicate effectively so that every member of your team is clear on expectations, as well as the overall needs of the business. Through positive, forward-thinking habits, we’ll help you pave the way to greater success.


Ideal for: A Leader and His/Her Entire Team

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  • Learn the basics of a high performance team.
  • Develop a team charter to guide how your team makes decisions and works together in day-to-day activities.
  • Find ways to make meetings work best with your team.
  • Identify customer requirements and how they influence performance.
  • Analyze and improve core work processes.
  • Define roles and responsibilities of your team members.
  • Set goals and develop action plans to achieve them.


Empower individuals to accomplish more. High Performance Teams can benefit everyone, including:

  • A Leader and His/Her Entire Team


Time Commitment:

  • Eight Interactive Training Sessions
  • 3.5-Hour Sessions

Success-Oriented Tactics:

  • Program Manual
  • Action Exercises
  • Team Evaluations
  • Reflection Sheets
  • Action Plans
  • Peer Group Interaction
  • Leader Individual Coaching

Sessions can be hosted at Revela, or we can bring them on-site.


Session 1: TEAM FUNDAMENTALS: Recognizing what good looks like.

Session 2: TEAM CHARTER: Setting the ground rules for your team.

Session 3: MEETINGS: Characteristics of effective team meetings.

Session 4: CUSTOMER FOCUS: Team attitudes and customer feedback.

Session 5: THE PROCESS: Analyzing your team’s core processes.

Session 6: TEAM ROLES: Clarifying team member responsibilities.

Session 7: GOAL SETTING: Establishing collaborative plans for the team.

Session 8: FOLLOW UP: Moving forward as a High Performance Team.