Stuck in a Rut

2 Minute Read

Every now and then we all find ourselves in a mental funk or stuck in a rut. No one around you really knows this is what you’re feeling or thinking. You like your job. No one is really doing anything wrong…it’s just a funk! What do you do about it?

Talk to someone. 

Maybe it’s one person. Maybe it’s a group of people. Do you know someone who would understand what you’re going through? Some people have a peer groups they talk to about business and fun. It welcomes new ideas and perspectives.

Get back to the basics. 

We all get busy with work. In many cases making things “fancy” or more complicated than it needs to be. We are juggling so many concepts and ideas that we forget what makes us successful.  Getting back to the basics helps us focus. And successes are little “pick me ups” that we all need.  Focus on your High Payoff Activities (HPA).

Celebrate the successes of your team! 

Chances are that those around you are stuck in their own rut.  Let them know that you are noticing their efforts. Send them a note telling them that you appreciate their work.  Take them to lunch.  A little appreciation goes a long way!

Change your routine.

Do you drive to and from work the exact same way – every day?  You don’t even think about where to turn. The next thing you know, you’re there. Take a different route for a week. Or move your office around.  Moving where you sit gives you a different perspective of your work. And even the issues that you are facing.  If you can’t move your office around, just sit in the chair across from your desk…it’s not crazy, it works!

It’s natural and even common to find yourself in a slump.  You can pull yourself out of it.  It just takes a little effort.  By this time next month you could be “funk free.” Comment on our blog. Tell us about what you’ve tried that pulls you out of that funk and into the fun!

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