change your viewpoint

Sitting on a Lily Pad

3 Minute Read

Imagine a swamp. Frogs are croaking, dragonflies are buzzing around. Turtles are surfacing just enough so you can see their little heads. Alligators are swimming around, waiting for their next prey. A lonely frog sits on a lily pad, observing all that is going on around him. It seems like a normal day, but to this tiny frog, it is chaos. Everything is always changing, and he is overwhelmed. He sees the alligator slowly swimming toward him with a look of hunger in his eyes. The frog knows he has to jump, but he isn’t ready. What if there’s something else in the water? Why can’t I stay safe, here on my lily pad?

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Serious Creativity

4 Minute Read

Do you ever get bored and look at all the creative ideas on Pinterest? Moms coming up with cute snack ideas for their kids to take to school. Crafty people making their own Halloween costumes. Awesome dinner ideas that you would have never thought of… Then we think… “Are you kidding me? Who has time for this crap? These are impossible. I’m just not a creative person.” That thought has probably crossed your mind. Maybe you’ve even said it out loud.

“The concept of creativity has historically been very useful in the business world.”


When you think of creative people, you might think of artists, musicians, dancers, or those crazy moms on Pinterest. But the concept of creativity has historically been very useful in the business world.

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Changing Habits: Weird or Just Different?

2 Minute Read

Let’s talk about changing habits. Picture this scenario: You walk into a restaurant and notice a guy in the corner who has a Mohawk. Is your first thought, “Oh gosh, that’s weird!”?

Or, have you ever let someone drive you to a location that you could drive to in your sleep? When they don’t take the exact way that you always drive, you think, “This is the wrong way! Why is he going such a weird way?”

What about procedures at work? Have you ever done something the same way for a long time, and then all of a sudden, your company introduces a new procedure that’s completely different from everything you’ve ever done? You think, “Ugh! This is NOT RIGHT! It’s weird.”

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Keep your Cool in Conflict

2 Minute Read

Have you been in the middle of a conversation or meeting and started to feel your blood boil?  That vein in your neck starting to bulge.  Your face turning a little red. What do you do when this happens?  Do you immediately look for a quick getaway? Do you quit listening because you are too busy thinking of a great comeback? How do you keep your cool?

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