Succession Connection

The moment we hear that business leaders and executives are working on (not just talking about) succession planning and building talent depth charts, we are ecstatic! Because the truth is, many talk about it, but don’t put any action behind the words. Sometime in the future, we’ll hear, “Yeah, we were talking about creating a succession plan for that role. We just never got around to it.”

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Do You Have Business Growing Pains?

If you’re a business owner or executive, you’re probably working hard to grow your business. And sometimes that means sleepless nights; long days. It can be hard not to think about business. And as the business grows, things change. Or at least they probably should. When we try to keep doing what we’ve always done, we soon realize that it won’t work. Now we have growing pains.

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Shake It Up…

Disrupting the Org Chart

During a recent conversation with the leaders of a company, we asked them to imagine that their department was not a part of the overall company, but a stand-alone business having to provide value to its customers and make money to continue. Then we asked the question, “How would you organize the company related to positions, roles, and responsibilities? And how would you measure effectiveness?” This is what we call disrupting the org chart.

Some leaders had to be reminded that every minute someone is working costs money. They then considered how to measure productivity in service-related areas. They recognized that their employees tend to come to work and most are busy. But they’re not necessarily busy with things that are high-payoff or things that move the needle, related to value and time. They came in to do their job.

Also, they recognized that they were not asking their (internal) customers what was needed from them as a department. They simply were doing their job and finding ways to make their job easier; not really considering how it affected others. There was no system in place to continually assess needs and effectiveness as things changed for their customers.

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This Gives A Whole New Meaning to Hump Day…

What would happen if we all took what we knew, and threw it away? Flipped it upside down? What if what we think we knew was actually holding us in the past? Or, what if it was keeping us from reaching unknown and untapped potential? What if curiosity was the only way to move into the future?

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Change: Let’s Talk About It…

Embracing change…This is a sore subject for some, and for others, an exciting one. No one likes to talk about it for fear of how people will react. When it comes to change, there are two ways people tend to react. For some, it’s new and exciting. It creates motivation. But for others, it’s scary, it’s unknown, and can be the center of their frustration and despair.

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Sitting on a Lily Pad

Imagine a swamp. Frogs are croaking, dragonflies are buzzing around. Turtles are surfacing just enough so you can see their little heads. Alligators are swimming around, waiting for their next prey. A lonely frog sits on a lily pad, observing all that is going on around him. It seems like a normal day, but to this tiny frog, it is chaos. Everything is always changing, and he is overwhelmed. He sees the alligator slowly swimming toward him with a look of hunger in his eyes. The frog knows he has to jump, but he isn’t ready. What if there’s something else in the water? Why can’t I stay safe, here on my lily pad?

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To Change or Not To Change…

It seems every industry is facing some type of change these days.  Change in customer spending habits, product delivery systems, and in personnel issues.  As we look at the various ways we interpret change, some will like the change, others not.

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Raise the Bar…Here’s your Sign!

In our line of work, we tend to get calls from all kinds of managers. Managers who are frustrated with their teams. Managers who want their employees to have extensive leadership training because they just aren’t ‘getting it.’  These managers say “Jump” expecting their employees to respond in harmony with “How high?” Instead, the only response they get is their people looking at them with a look of bewilderment. These employees are thinking, “Yep – I knew he had a screw loose…”

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Changing Habits: Weird or Just Different?

Let’s talk about changing habits. Picture this scenario: You walk into a restaurant and notice a guy in the corner who has a Mohawk. Is your first thought, “Oh gosh, that’s weird!”?

Or, have you ever let someone drive you to a location that you could drive to in your sleep? When they don’t take the exact way that you always drive, you think, “This is the wrong way! Why is he going such a weird way?”

What about procedures at work? Have you ever done something the same way for a long time, and then all of a sudden, your company introduces a new procedure that’s completely different from everything you’ve ever done? You think, “Ugh! This is NOT RIGHT! It’s weird.”

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A Challenge for You

We often find ourselves frustrated when one of our co-workers or employees makes the statement, “But that’s my job” or “That’s the way I’ve always done it.”  It challenges us to help the person understand why things need to change. The question is, though, have you challenged yourself lately? Are you doing things because that’s what you’ve always done? Have you asked yourself, “Why am I doing that?”

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