changing habits

The Slight Edge: Just One More…

3 Minute Read

It’s a common perception that there is a big gap between “average people” and “successful people.” Some people are just able to get better results and make more money, yet they put in the same or even fewer hours. So what’s the difference? The answer lies in The Slight Edge, a concept from Jeff Olson’s book.

In major league baseball, a batter who gets two hits out of every ten times at bat is called a .200 hitter. This batter, within a very short period of time, would likely be looking for a job outside of baseball or returned to the minor leagues. On the other hand, a hitter who gets just three hits out of every ten times at bat is a .300 hitter and is considered a great success, and if he continues to improve, he is destined for the Hall of Fame.

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Changing Habits: Weird or Just Different?

2 Minute Read

Let’s talk about changing habits. Picture this scenario: You walk into a restaurant and notice a guy in the corner who has a Mohawk. Is your first thought, “Oh gosh, that’s weird!”?

Or, have you ever let someone drive you to a location that you could drive to in your sleep? When they don’t take the exact way that you always drive, you think, “This is the wrong way! Why is he going such a weird way?”

What about procedures at work? Have you ever done something the same way for a long time, and then all of a sudden, your company introduces a new procedure that’s completely different from everything you’ve ever done? You think, “Ugh! This is NOT RIGHT! It’s weird.”

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