Do You Need an Executive Coach?

When you’re in a position of authority, people have a tendency to tell you what you want to hear; or at least be very “calculated” about how they share feedback with you. An executive coach can provide more honest and direct feedback.

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You coach. But they don’t listen.

Being a manager has its ups and downs. Sometimes, your team is on a roll; they’re rock stars. Things are going great. They’re following your direction and they’re hitting goals. Then you get to celebrate! Other times, nothing seems to be going right. You know you’ve got good people, but you can’t get them to follow your lead. You coach and train them several times, and while most of them catch on, there’s that one person who will continually do things his own way, despite all the time you spent training and coaching.

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The Reality of “The Supervisor Sandwich”

Confrontation is certainly not the easiest part of being a manager. In fact, it’s probably your least favorite. It’s human nature to avoid interpersonal discord. Many people hope a problem just corrects itself without our intervention. But, is that manner of thinking really reality? How can you provide coaching for an employee, co-worker, or even your own supervisor and have it be a positive experience?

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Do you want to be a Leader? Time for a Look in the Mirror

Do you want to be a leader? If I asked this in a room full of people, I’d probably get a unanimous head nod…Yes. The next question is, though…Do people around you see you as a leader?

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Mentoring – Not another “buzz” word

Do you have a mentor? Do you encourage your employees to have mentors? Many companies have jumped on the mentoring bandwagon. What’s curious about this is how mentoring is defined by these companies.

Before mentoring was in vogue, you could ask people, “Did/Do you have a mentor in your life?”  If their response was “yes” the answer to the follow-up question, “Were they totally aware that they were mentoring you?” was probably “No.” However, they made a significant impact in the life of the mentee.  So in other words, the mentee chose the mentor.

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