customer service

What’s your Trademark?™

4 Minute Read

We have a question for you: Is the experience you provide as important as the actual product or service that you are selling? In the field of coaching and training, we get to hear all kinds of stories related to both internal and external customer service. Usually, they begin with something like, “You’ll never believe what happened to me! This guy was so rude! He didn’t listen, and all I did was repeat myself!”

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Whose business is customer service?

3 Minute Read

We have all had it happen. You have a lot on your plate and so many things to get done. It seems like everything is an emergency. Then you get an email from someone outside of your department asking (what seems to you) a question that only requires common sense. You shoot back a short, witty response and go about your day. Everything is fine…until the person receives your message.

“Customer service is not a department. It’s an attitude” – Unknown


What was common sense to you was actually new information to the person who asked you the question. What you didn’t know was that this person was new to his department, and had not been trained on the task. This person is now frustrated. He was reaching out for help and received a sarcastic, snarky response instead. And the jargon you used only confused him more. This person now knows that every interaction with you is going to be a moment of misery and no longer wants to work with you. He not only has this impression of you, but everyone in your department. Not such a good first impression.

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